Lifetime Guarantee

In my early twenties, I bought two prints from the photographer Jerry Uelsmann. Even now, as I stare at those prints after all these years, I continue to feel the same fascination that I felt the day they arrived. It was the best money I’ve ever spent on two pieces of paper. If I’ve done my job right, you should have a similar experience.

The lifelong relationship between owner and print is both physical and emotional. Starting from a baseline of how the print looks, it then develops into an experience of how it feels and how it integrates into your life. A great photograph never fully reveals itself. It pulls you in over and over. If you’ve gotten everything you can from one of my photographs after a month on your wall, I’ve basically failed you.


In recognition of this experience, any print may be returned within 90 days of receipt, no questions asked. I will issue refunds, exchanges, or a credit for items returned in the original packaging, less a shipping charge. Please return the items with care using the original packaging and a shipping service that provides a tracking number and appropriate insurance.


I want your photograph to bring you a lifetime of joy. If the original 90-day period has passed and you find yourself not completely satisfied with your piece, please contact me. We'll work out a picture perfect solution.